Change Of Weather

We went from such cold weather to a couple of really nice days. The kids all went outside and rode bikes today, and they also watched as Andrew filled the swimming pool for the ducks to take a little swim. It was a nice day and I am thankful for some warm days thrown into winter. 
Luke and Jakob came by for a little visit today and I got a couple of pictures of Jakob. I don’t think I have many pictures of him at all, which is unusual for me. Lately I seem to hold the babies when they come instead of pulling out my camera. This time I did both. 



  1. He's a beautiful baby 🙂 How is Joey feeling? I hope he's doing well.

  2. Thanks. Jakob and Luke are Michael and Kasia’s babies. Michael met Kasia when he lived in Poland and later when he moved back to the states she came here and they got married. So, Luke speaks and understand a fair amount of the Polish language. Thanks for asking about Joey. He is feeling a little better than he was last fall. He will be getting another MRI next week and that is always stressful for all of us. Please pray for him.

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