The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas – Day 4

Today our special thing was to put snowflakes on our windows in the family room and kitchen. We have done this so many years, but the girls wanted to do it again. Bethany said it makes the rooms look so much prettier. Besides doing the snowflakes, we started reading a new book called Gideon’s Gift by Karen Kingsbury. I have never read this book, though I had bought it several years ago and put it with our Christmas books. Bethany suggested we start it today, so we did, and so far the kids like it.

It was a pleasant day just doing a few things around the house like finally getting ornaments on the top branches of the tree and wrapping a few gifts.


  1. Claudia Y Allen says

    I agree with Bethany! The snowflakes are beautiful.

    I can’t believe how big Bella is. Such a cutie!

    • Bella does seemed to have gone through a real growth spurt. Even I’m surprised how much she’s grown. And I agree, I also like the snowflakes – they do make the rooms look pretty and cozy. I thought by now the girls would be bored putting them up, but I guess not.

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