The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas – Day 18

Today our special thing was that we had the Christmas Cantata at church and then on the way home we went through the drive through at McDonald’s and got happy meals for lunch and Evelyn and Liam also got happy meals and came over and ate with the kids. The happy meals were actually a gift from their Sunday school teacher as she gave them gift cards. It was their suggestion that this could be their special thing if I would just stop and get the happy meals on the way home. Well, that was easy.

Bethany turned the pages for Michael during the cantata and she did a great job – she was a little nervous. He doesn’t usually have anyone turn them for him, but he was having a few problems with his fingers and hands today so she helped out. I also was going to record him playing the offertory today, but my phone, which is very old, had a few problems and cut off on me two times. So, I have a video of him playing, but I missed the first minute or so of the piece. I am posting it anyway.

It was a nice day. We stayed home most of the day and John and Juliana came over with Evelyn and Liam and we visited while the kids played. They were outside most of the afternoon and then Bethany and I ran and got bird seed in case we make the Christmas tree for the animals this week. We ended the evening by reading one of the books in our Christmas canvas bags and it was The Christmas Story.

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