The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas – Day 8

Today our special thing was the Christmas program at church. Every single year I say I will never do this program again and every year I do it. This year the kids seemed extra rowdy and the night of dress rehearsal I had little hope it would go well. But, all considered, I think it actually went well. The kids all thought they did a great job. After the program we had a small party with tons of snacks so it was a great ending to the program. 
The rest of the day Bethany, Tess and I went and got lots of Christmas tree lights and then went to my parent’s house and put them on the tree. I actually did all the work and Bethany and Tess seemed to be in a very silly mood so they giggled and acted silly while I put the lights on. As we drove home we listened to Christmas music and when There’s No Place Like Home For The Holidays played, Tess said she loved that song as it was homey and made her feel happy and she was so glad she was adopted and came to America. It was so sweet to hear her say that. 




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