New Years Day

Today we just rested and talked about some of the things the girls want to do this year. Mainly, we talked about goals and things they would like to improve in. Several of the girls spent hours looking in our old blog books and acting like they had not seen everything in them probably 50 times. Funny how they do that. It was a rather lazy day, but we enjoyed it and Reagan and Georgia and Finn came to visit me. Reagan, Bethany and Tess rode their hoverboards for an hour or so while Finn and Georgia played and rode their bikes. It was a nice afternoon and I think I am just about ready to start school again. I think I just need one or two more days. I am hoping to make the rest of this school year very productive and enjoyable. Searching now for lots of good books to read along with our history and some just for fun. I think I may even try to use our Mark-My-Time again, but I do not seem very successful using that and keeping track of our daily reading for some reason. I forget to use it too often. Well, Happy New Year to everyone!

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