A Graduation

We have had a busy few weeks. This past week was extra busy as Zola graduated from her sonography program and has passed all her boards. She has done so well and worked so hard. She received the Academic Excellency Award and we could not be prouder of her. She actually begins her new job at the hospital on Monday morning. We know she will do so well. I chose this picture of her as it was the one she picked to be put up in the video they played at her pinning ceremony.

Things have kind of been busy and out of the norm lately as my mom has been in the hospital then rehab. She is finally home and hopefully things will run a little more smoothly now. So, we haven’t done things exactly as usual with me being gone helping her and getting things done. The kids have done a pretty good job doing the things they know need to be done and working on their school. They have spent extra time sewing and we even made some butter on one of our good days. They enjoyed this and I think we will be doing a few more projects soon. We do have some work to cover and it is almost testing time for all the kids.

I do love this time of year with summer almost here. I tend to think of so many things I want to do, but somehow we don’t usually get them all done. We are already talking about plans and summer bucket lists. My mom wants us to go over and make homemade ice cream so that is one thing on the top of our list. The kids love to make ice cream and we are thinking of trying peach this year. But, first we need to finish the school year and everyone get tested. Then we will take a little time to relax. I’m ready.

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