Pie, Tess and Georgia

Yesterday Bethany decided to make a peach pie since there was no school and she had free time. She gets in the baking mood occasionally and will bake for a few days then seems to lose interest. Anyway, apparently it was very good – I don’t like pie so I can’t personally say. I think she is enjoying this week with very little to do.

Then last night Bethany came to my room around midnight and told me Tess was really hot and was having trouble talking and breathing. I ran in to check and she was very feverish and said her throat felt swollen and talking was harder than usual. Her face looked swollen and under her chin was really swollen. So, we rushed out to the ER to get her checked out. I figured it had something to do with the oral surgery she had two days before. She was checked out and she has an infection and they immediately started her on antibiotics. We got home early this morning and I stayed up with her for a little while to help her calm down and feel better. Bethany sat with us as she had been waiting and watching as she was worried. We finally all went to bed and it seemed like I immediately had to get up.

She feels a little better today but is still pretty swollen and hurts. It should not take long for the antibiotic to work.

Then today Georgia came to visit me while her brother had a special day for his birthday. She rode the trike, read books with me, made bubbles and ate lots of ice cream. It seems every picture I take of Georgia she is eating ice cream. Of course, that is the first thing she asks me for when she gets here.

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