The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas – Day 10

Today our special thing was to do our Christmas program and have a party after it was over. We got to church early and everyone got on their costumes and then my daughter, Meredith, and I tried to keep the kids quiet and in one place. The kids did a really good job on the program. As I sat on the front row making sure everyone remembered what to do and where to go it hit me that every child in the program was a part of my family. They were either my child or my grandchild. So many beautiful children and every single one of them a part of my family – I am so blessed.

I really wanted to post a video of Evelyn or Reagan or Bethany singing, but not really sure how to do that from my computer and Bill is still getting his set back up since we picked it up. I will probably still post the video later.

It was a good day and I am thankful for family that helped me with the kids and Michael playing the piano and a good friend, Ron, that came and narrated and did sound for us.

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