The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas – Day 9

Today our special thing was to practice for our Christmas program that is tomorrow morning. It was our dress rehearsal and everyone was pretty excited. I think they did a pretty good job, but I kept thinking of things I needed them to remember, telling them to sing louder and changing where they were standing hoping to get it right and finally decided it was all going to be alright and not to worry. Anyway, our pastor told me yesterday that a bad rehearsal meant a great performance. So, we have that. It was a good day and even our footless tights, we desperately needed for the angels to wear under they costumes, ended up coming at the last minute. We are looking forward to tomorrow.


  1. Claudia Y Allen says

    oh my gosh, their costumes are adorable. I hope it all goes well! I remember seeing a video years ago of, I believe, Caroline singing and I marvelled at what a great job they were all doing!

  2. We are hoping to record it tomorrow. I had to borrow a video camera as mine had issues. The kids really wanted it recorded and I do like having the videos. There is nothing the kids like much more than watching old home videos – especially Christmas ones.

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