The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas Day – 21

Today our special thing was to make fudge and Rice Krispies treats for the neighbors. Bethany made the fudge as she has making it pretty much down to perfection right now. It can be a little difficult sometimes. Tess made the Rice Krispies treats and then the girls took them to the neighbors. Glad we finally got around to doing that today. We also read several chapters of our book and hope we have time to read one more chapter book before Christmas. It was a pleasant day. Hard to believe it’s almost Christmas. Only three more days of our special things left. We have really enjoyed doing it this year, and I didn’t stress it as much as I sometimes do. I just told the girls that some days might seem really small and insignificant, but all of it will, hopefully, one day be a good memory. I do enjoy these days with my girls.

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