England — AYHE

On Saturday Zola left for England with the American Youth Harp Ensemble. They will be playing several concerts — one of them being at Windsor Castle. Zola was pretty excited as she loves almost everything British. We were so glad she had this opportunity as so many of our children have had with the ensemble. 
I was looking through her sketch book after I dropped her off and decided to have Bill scan the last picture she drew before she left. It is of one of the doctors from Dr. Who, but I have no idea which one. It was her first time using colored pencils. She had decided she wanted to start drawing with some color and we went out and bought some colored pencils for her. 


  1. Aww we'll be praying for a safe and awesome trip for Zola! Wow, she's talented! 🙂

  2. Wow! What an incredible artist! I am so jealous of her trip. I love all things British too :).

  3. So talented!! (((HUGS)))

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