Computer Problems

Yesterday I had a post planned as it was the anniversary of Bella and Sophia arriving in America four years ago. I was just going to write a little on how they are doing and then post some pictures of them. I went up to send pictures to Bill to size for me for the blog and something was wrong. I managed to go through a couple of pictures, but things quickly went bad. I couldn’t look at my pictures and couldn’t send the ones I had chosen. Bill spent the rest of the evening trying to figure out what was wrong, but he couldn’t get my computer working. Bottom line – I have a bad hard drive and my computer is at the Apple store for the next week. Then we have to send the drive to some place that tries to recover all of your stuff. It will be several weeks before I have everything back — and hopefully with everything back on it. 
So, I had no pictures to post and couldn’t really do the post on Bella and Sophia. I can still do that later, though. But, if you would like to see the night they arrived four years ago just go here 
I decided to just post the latest picture in Bethany’s sketch book. She has been drawing a lot of animals lately – probably because I bought her a book on drawing them. Anyway, I had this picture on my phone so I can post it. 


  1. Bethany has some amazing drawing skills!
    Can't wait for the post on Bella and Sophia, I would love to hear how they are doing.
    I hope Joey is having a good week and is able to enjoy it.

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