I800 Problems

We got our LOA for our second little girl and submitted everything to USCIS and waited expectantly for I800 approval. It didn’t happen. As I checked the mail one day, I saw we had something from USCIS and was briefly excited. Then I noticed it was a pink letter. We have gotten one of these before — when adopting from Bulgaria. That time it was a simple thing — our daughter turned 18 and we needed to get background checks done and update. 
This time is different. It is hard to explain without sharing  personal information, but the bottom line is this — the paperwork for one child is a problem. USCIS wants China to change something and China says no. 
So, now we are in a scramble to address the situation and not sure what will happen. We sent a packet to them today by FedEx and hope it will help. I can understand both sides — USCIS and China’s. 
This child is available — it has nothing to do with that. There is just something in her paperwork that seems to be a discrepancy, but actually has a very valid reason. I never really saw this coming, but it is kind of a mess. I have wanted to adopt this child since I first saw a picture of her and can’t imagine something happening and not being able to since we have made it this far.  
So, now we just wait and pray.


  1. I'm sorry to hear this. I am praying. (((HUGS))) She is a beautiful child.

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