One Pumpkin

Andrew went out one morning this past weekend to find that one of the pumpkins was no longer attached to the vine. He thought some animal had been chewing on the stem. So, he brought it in and put it in the attic to season. He had read that if your pumpkins fall off the vine too early, just put them in the attic and leave them a few weeks and they will turn orange. This first one was orange but still had some green on it. 

We are now wondering if it just fell of naturally or an animal got to it.  We have never grown pumpkins so don’t know much about them. We were kind of hoping it would grow a little bigger, but at least it survived and Andrew can carve it at our pumpkin carving. 


The second one is still on the vine and we are hoping it will grow a lot bigger. Every morning the kids run to the family room window to see how the last pumpkin is doing. 


Sunday we sat on the porch most of the afternoon and the kids rode bikes and played in the front yard. I got my camera and took a few pictures. It was a beautiful afternoon and we thoroughly enjoyed it.


Bella loves being outside. She also likes having her picture taken — most of the time. 


Claire at the edge of the sidewalk watching kids ride bikes.



Caroline had them practicing their dance moves and even Bella joined in.



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