What We Are Reading

This month we have been reading a lot about The Doll People. First we read The Meanest Doll In The World by Ann M. Martin & Laura Godwin. It is the second book in the series. It was a hit so when we finished that we read The Runaway Dolls by the same authors. Again, it was really liked so we went to the last book in the series The Doll People Set Sail. Every single book in the series was really enjoyed and so I found a short book about The Doll People and bought it. It is just a short book of maybe forty pages or so and is actually a Christmas book — The Doll People’s Christmas. I think we have every book there is about them now and they were all well liked. I am actually surprised that I enjoyed reading them to the kids. I don’t always love the books I read but it is definitely a plus if I can enjoy them, too. 
Now we are reading Masterpiece by Kelly Murphy and the verdict is still out on this one as we haven’t really gotten into it. But, I think it is going to be a hit with the kids if not me.
We also did a lot of reading of short nature books that I won’t list. We have been talking about nature and doing more journaling and more time in the outdoors – even if it is only under a tree in our own backyard. So, we have been reading more books on animals and trees and flowers, etc.
This month our mark-my-time read 17 hours and 20 minutes – a little less than last month. 

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