The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas – Day 19

Today our special thing was easy but tasted good. We decided to make wassail. I say that loosely as all we really had to do was put apple juice in our crock-pot, and we had a packaged mix to put into it and then heat up for a little while. But, it still counts as doing something special and the kids really liked it. Except Sarah would not even try it. 
When I mentioned what we were going to do today for our special thing, Zola tried to tell me that making wassail was an autumn thing and not Christmas. I told her it had to be a Christmas thing as the box of mix had reindeer on it. But, to make sure I looked it up and wassailing was an ancient custom traditionally done on New Year’s Eve and Twelfth Night, but some rich people drank wassail on all of the 12 days of Christmas. So, we made wassail. 


  1. Thanks so much for blogging about your Christmas fun. It has helped me get into the spirit of the season.

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