I wanted to share something very quickly that happened on Tuesday that was pretty exciting for us — especially me as I was the one that witnessed it. As most of you may remember, Sophia was very lethargic when we first met her and though she seemed more alert and active as the week went on, she has never really made us feel like she noticed us or paid any attention to what we were doing or saying — we always said that she seemed to be in another world. 
After she arrived in the states, and we saw a neurologist, we realized that her problems were much greater than we originally thought. She has had a massive stroke and basically half of the left side of her brain is missing. According to the neurologist, there is no way to tell how much she can learn or communicate — if at all. So, Sophia is kind of in a little world of her own, it seems. She hardly ever makes eye contact or joins in with any of the kids when they are laughing or playing. She usually just sits and stares out into space. The kids still play with her and if they bounce her up and down she will laugh and seems to enjoy it. But, she never really engages much with us. 
Well, Tuesday she had OT and when we got home I sat her in the floor and talked to her a little. She actually seemed to listen — just a sense I had. She made brief eye contact with me and watched what I was doing. So, I hid my face with my hands and wondered if she would pay any attention — she usually doesn’t even look when I do this. She briefly looked and then looked away. I hid my face again, and then as soon as she looked at me I uncovered my face and said, ” peek-a-boo!” She seemed to smile so I did it again. She burst out laughing! I thought maybe it wasn’t related to what I was doing as she will sometimes just laugh for no reason as she sits on the floor. I did it again and she laughed hysterically! Then she started watching me and actually getting playful. It was amazing to me, as she almost never pays attention when I play with her — unless it is rough housing. It is almost like she woke up and joined in with me. I can’t tell you what it felt like to all of a sudden feel like she was there with me paying attention and enjoying our activity together. She came out of her own little world and joined into ours for probably 30 – 45 minutes. She laughed and played and was a participant for once. It didn’t last that long, but how wonderful that time was. 
After a few minutes, I realized this was real and we were playing together, so I ran and got my camera — I just had to document this day. This girl played — really played!








  1. This just made my day! I've been reading your blog for awhile now. I know how hard it can be to feel like your child is detached, not bonded or connected. I often see glimpses of my own son in pictures of Sophia, when she is looking off in her own world. Her smiles here are amazing! So glad you were able to capture them in photos.

  2. You are right — sometimes it is just hard feeling like she isn't really connected. We love her no matter what but it just feels so good to have a day that she actually seems to respond and care about what is going on. It is hard to even describe my joy that day.

  3. awww..I love these photos of her smiling n enjoying herself. Priceless.

  4. That is so exciting – seeing her laugh and smile – what a blessing!!!

  5. She does look like she's come to life here! My son Andrew was with me when we brought Ally home and we saw Bella and Sophia. He just saw her picture and commented on how much better she looks.

  6. I had forgotten that you had seen them when you picked up Ally. It really makes me happy that your son noticed a difference. I do feel that she is slowly coming to life, but very, very slowly.

  7. Absolutely amazing! Larry said she looks like a different child. Such a beauty!

  8. She is so beautiful! What an amazing milestone. Hope she keeps playing. It was great to see you and some of your girls today at Step UP. Hopefully next year Henry will want to dance.

  9. I don't remember exactly how old Henry is, but MIM is great! If he is anything like my kids he will love it. Sarah doesn't like to go many places but she is always ready to go to dance. Good to see you, too.

  10. Oh I just cried with happiness. Made my day! Thanks so much for sharing this.

  11. BEAUTIFUL!!! Praise God!!! Amazing to see that laughter and that SMILE! That sweet darling face SO lit up with JOY! Awesome! 🙂

  12. She reminds me SO much of my Pauly. We'd never do the MRI- his heart is too weak unless it was an emergency, so we'll never know what's in that sweet noggin! (((HUGS))) She is beautiful inside and out!

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