Sunday Morning – Baptism

It was a beautiful Sunday morning and also special as my grandson, Jack, was baptized. After church I went out to lunch to celebrate his baptism. The rest of the day I had to do some things at my mom’s house. I had planned to take Bethany, Tess and Aria to buy some fabric as they had some sewing projects they wanted to start, but ran out of time. Bethany wants to make a mattress for an old small baby crib we have. She just needs some foam and material to make it and then Aria can use it for her dolls. I had found it in the attic and put it on the deck to be hauled away and then had the thought of trying to fix it up for Aria. Bethany jumped at the idea. Maybe we will get out to the fabric store tomorrow.

I’m posting this video of Michael playing today in church, though it is very shaky in the beginning. That is because my granddaughter was on me knocking my arm and then Claire was in the pew in front of me and she bumped my hand. It is usually a challenge to get the video without a lot of shaking. But, that’s ok as I always want one of my grandkids next to me during the service – Evelyn is usually the fastest and gets the spot right next to me or on my lap. It is nice to feel loved.

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