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I went through more pictures and picked some of Claire, Andrew and Bethany to post. Such memories. This is it, as I won’t post pictures of my kids that don’t live here anymore — that would be just too much. So, I will end with these three. Also, no point in posting pictures of Piper and Tess since I have posted their pictures since the day I met them. 
This is Claire and several of these were taken right after she was diagnosed with leukemia. I remember that time so very well — two years of chemo. In the first picture Katie is holding Claire. 
I decided to go to another year with Claire when she was a little older and pick a few – so these next ones jump ahead a little. 

I did the same with Andrew – picked a few when he was pretty young and then went a couple of years forward and picked a few more. 


I did the same again with Bethany as she was so little in the year that Shutterfly sent us — a baby. I had to go forward to get to some where she was a little older and walking around. But, the first ones are the ones that Shutterfly sent to me and got me started on this memory lane trip.


These are Andrew and Bethany playing together. 

Bethany and Claire out in the rain playing. They had a blast thay day playing in puddles in the street. 
I almost forgot these two – Bethany as a baby and Andrew right before the Christmas play one year. 
This was kind of a fun few days looking at all these old pictures. Now I think I will try to put a few in a photo book. It seems hard to find time and get around to it but worth it to have them in books. I used to make books all the time but haven’t in years — except for my blog books. 


  1. They are all so adorable. I could look at little kid photos all day 🙂 The sad part is realizing how quickly life passes by, and how childhood is but a brief flash. I have done childcare my whole adult life, and remember little ones toddling around, who are now chasing their own babies. But I love to look back at all the photos, and occasionally surprise them by posting one for them to see. They love it.

  2. Yes, the going by so quickly is so true. It doesn't seem that long ago they were little. Really. I do miss those little kids.

  3. I have so enjoyed seeing your kiddos as babies and toddlers. Can I ask you to continue posting the old photos? I miss my nieces and nephews as babies and children! I remember every age and stage and always wonder where those Little Persons went? Could they possibly just "be gone"? I told my Mom that I think each age of those precious Littles will be waiting in Heaven. Okay, I hope so! Have a good rest-of-the-day! And, Happy Valentines Day to All!

  4. Thanks so much. I actually wouldn't mind posting pictures of the kids when little occasionally as I so enjoyed looking at all of them.

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