In My Defense

After answering a couple of questions I felt that I might come across as kind of a meanie — don’t take the kids to the library often, and almost never let them go to the store with me. But, I do actually try to spend a lot of time doing things with them. We spend hours and hours reading together and they absolutely love that. Sarah doesn’t think she can eat breakfast unless I’m reading. We do lots of crafts and nature walks and we spend so much time talking about things we want to do and what we will build or plant next or what project the kids want to do. We don’t travel a lot, but take short trips close to home, though we occasionally take longer trips. But, I will admit that we do a lot of the same things over and over. In my defense the kids seem to thrive on it and can have a perfectly lovely day just playing outdoors building fairy houses or in the outdoor kitchen. They entertain themselves a lot. They don’t seem to ever run out of things they want to do. 
We had a nice Easter today and I would post pictures, but I haven’t even gone through them yet. By the time everyone left, and we cleaned up, I was tired and pretty much didn’t want to do anything. So, I will post Easter pictures tomorrow. Tonight I will post some pictures I took a few days ago. Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday. 
Evelyn and Liam love to play in the outdoor kitchen  when they come over. 




Bethany and Tess were starting a new fairy house which they worked on for about three days. 
Bethany made a small broom for her fairy house.


  1. Oh dear! I don't think you seem to be the slightest bit mean! Thoughtful and caring, rather.
    You have so many books that there is no need to go the library, and grocery shopping is more frustrating than fun for children anyway. Calm and predictable is good for all children, and maybe even more so for the adopted ones. Don't feel bad! Your children seem to have so much real fun!

  2. Thank you so much.

  3. It's funny you offer words of defense when I see you as such a wonderful mom who offers her children so much, and so many valuable life experiences that you don't see much anymore. Cooking, sewing, journaling, lots of reading, crafts, and on and on. This is by far my favorite blog and I stop in almost daily to check for a new post!

  4. I thank you for your comment and I also know you always remember Joey and that means a lot to me.

  5. Yes, always! I have never missed a night in asking for complete healing for him. I have an aunt with stage 4 cancer, so I ask for both. I hope he is doing well, and having a lot of quality days between the stress of scans!

  6. Oh, please don’t think you caused me to feel bad. I only wrote the blog post as I know it probably sounded like I was a little grumpy since both questions asked of me were answered with a “no”. It wasn’t you or anyone else – just something I perceived people could think. I totally understand what you are saying about all the wonderful programs the library offers and we will definitely go back again. It has just not been something we have done in a fairly long time and I’m not even sure when I started buying wanted I to read instead of going to the library. You make some very good points. I do appreciate you remembering my son, too.

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