So Many Projects

This weekend Bethany started a new project – she has so many projects going on right now. She is working on advent calendars. She got the idea from her math tutor and started immediately. We went out to get the material and things on Saturday and today after church she started working on them and she worked all day long. She decided to try to make them and sell them for Christmas money and has two orders already. Not bad. Of course, one of the orders is from her Sunday school teacher that always supports Bethany’s endeavors to make money. The calendars are actually not a quick project. I think she was pretty tired by this evening, but said she would continue to work on them again tomorrow. I absolutely love watching her enthusiasm when she gets a new idea. 


Tess is also working on weaving this weekend. I’m not sure what she is making yet, but she has spent a couple of days working on this off and on. I am hoping she will continue with it and have something made in the next week or so. She seems to be enjoying weaving again.. I think there is something about fall that makes my kids do even more projects than usual. 



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