The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas – Day 15

It is hard for me to believe we are already on day 15. This Christmas season has seemed to go by so quickly. I feel like I’m almost missing out on it as I have spent so much time shopping and planning and wrapping and just trying to get ready. I am going to try to finish up in the next two or three days and relax and just enjoy this season with my family – though I have very much enjoyed the small things I have done with the kids each day. But, I really want to have more time with them without worrying about getting things done. 
Our special thing for today was a little different as I wasn’t even here and didn’t really do anything with them. I always take my older girls out to lunch during the Christmas season and I really enjoy doing this each year. So, while I took them to lunch today, I let the kids watch another Christmas movie even though we already have done the movie thing on another day. But, since I was gone it was the best choice. So, it was another movie for today. They didn’t care as they love movies and we watch so few. After I came home, Bethany asked me to read to them so I did spend a little time reading before dinner. It was a nice day. 

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