The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas – Day 20

Today our special thing was that the kids took Happy Meals to their nieces and nephews. They thought it would be fun to take them something special and then after we were done I got the kids ice cream sundaes to take home. It was easy but fun and hopefully made some little kids happy. 

We finished our chapter book yesterday – The Special Guest: A Christmas Story. Everyone absolutely loved the book. I had already read it and loved it, but wasn’t sure if the kids would. Several of them took the book after I finished reading it to them to read again. I think that certainly means they liked it. We actually did not start a new chapter book today, but will tomorrow. The book from our bag to read today was Miracle in a Shoebox by Franklin Graham. The kids enjoyed it and led them to talk about the shoeboxes we did this year and wondering who had gotten them. It was a nice book. 

The kids sent their Christmas cards to church today and their teachers sent home all kinds of stuff for them. They were absolutely thrilled. They do miss their teachers so much. It was an early Christmas for the kids today.  


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