Christmas 2020

Several people asked me to post pictures of Christmas day even though it seems way too late to do that. But, I thought I would see what I had. I actually had not even loaded the pictures from Christmas day onto my computer and could not even remember how many pictures I had taken – it is really kind of a blur. Unfortunately, I had taken almost no pictures – not like me at all, but it was not our usual Christmas. So, I have almost nothing to post and the ones I have are not very good or interesting. But, I will post them anyway. 

Our Christmas was not bad but very different with Bill not here, and not being able to even have our older kids over. They brought gifts to our front porch, but that was all. Just not the same as usual. We were obviously worried about Bill and I guess I just didn’t feel like taking a lot of pictures – though I wish I had. It was definitely a quieter than normal Christmas for us, but we still did enjoy it and I think everyone seemed to be a little extra thoughtful. 

This first picture I took on Christmas Eve – the rest are Christmas day. I don’t even have pictures of the dolls the girls got and I always get pictures of them. These pictures are pretty much it. 



  1. Bold As Love January 24, 2021 at 3:42 PM
    Your photos are always beautiful and warm and happy, even when you don’t think they are! I don’t think it could ever be too late to see sweet pics of your awesome family. Hope you all are faring well into January 2021!


  2. Sharon Edwards January 24, 2021 at 5:30 PM
    Thank you so much and we are doing well.

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