The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas – Day 23

Today our special thing was to make treats for our neighbors and take it over to them. Bethany and Tess were actually the ones that made almost everything though. We decided early this is what our special thing would be today. They do enjoy doing this and taking it over and occasionally visiting, but today I said they could not stay as we had a lot to do.

It is so cold today after a fairly mild week. It is supposed to get down to 6 degrees tonight and it’s 14 degrees right now. Apparently, the real feel is -1. It definitely feels like Christmas. Our power went out late this morning and we have been running on our generator ever since. We still have no idea when the power will be back on – thank goodness for our generator or we could not stay here – it is just too cold. I do hope we have power by Christmas as I try not to run a lot of stuff at the same time when we only have the generator to run things. Since it is so cold tonight and I needed to turn the heat up and run the dishwasher I turned off all the Christmas lights outside and most of the lights inside. But, we have our fire going and it is nice and cozy. And most important – Bethany can still do her vest and nebulizer treatments. That is the main reason we got our generator as it is just too hard to find places Bethany can do a vest three times a day when the power is out.

Hard to believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve. The kids are so excited and I kind of wish I had a few more days. It is going to be a cold Christmas here.

Oh, and Bethany is not cold in that picture. I actually took it the other day when it wasn’t even that cold. She just likes to wrap herself in the Christmas blanket I bought her. It is so soft and warm.

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