Thanksgiving and a Christmas Tree

We had a really nice Thanksgiving with almost all of our family here. I really enjoyed visiting with everyone and talking and all the delicious food. For the first time Matthew and Newman actually carried through and fried a turkey in the back yard. They were a little short on oil, but it turned out good anyway. I think I was enjoying myself so much I didn’t even take any pictures – well, I did get one of Newman frying the turkey. So, no pictures from Thanksgiving to post.

Then the next day, Friday, we decided to get our Christmas tree. We have traditionally gotten our tree on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, but last year it seemed hard to find a good tree so we decided to go a day early. It didn’t take us long to find a tree – actually, the one we really wanted was taken by someone as we were looking at it. But, we found another one that I really liked and all the kids were fine with it. It is a little smaller than our usual trees, but it has a nice shape and I think it will be really pretty once we decorate it.

We are excited to get started on some Christmas decorating, shopping and wrapping gifts. I am hoping, as I do most years, to get things done early and relax for a few days before Christmas. Maybe this year it will actually happen.

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