The Garden

I planted a garden in the spring and it is finally producing flowers. Bethany and Piper wanted to pick some to put in the house so I went out with them to make sure they didn’t cut every single flower and to also get pictures. Problem with my garden is that, first of all, after I planted it it rained and rained and rained. I think the seeds just went every which way cause the flowers are not where I put them. I don’t really line anything up but I had planted the climbing flowers like four o’clocks and morning glories near a trellis or deck to climb up but they obviously got washed all over as my garden is covered with climbing plants wrapping around all the other plants and going everywhere. I am also fairly lazy when it comes to gardening, and though I love my garden and flowers I tend to not weed very often — if at all — so it is really rather a mess. I actually started not to put the pictures up as it shows what disarray the garden is actually in, but then decided I really didn’t care. You can see vines climbing all over and mixed in everywhere — actually they pretty much hide the weeds that are also growing. 
The girls picked lots of flowers and had a nice bunch to take inside and brighten up our kitchen. 





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