This afternoon the kids were ready to take a break from school and go out and play, but it started to rain. They sat on the porch waiting for it to stop and it didn’t. I could hear them running and playing and then I realized they were all out in the rain. They were running and screaming and playing – even filling buckets with rain water and pouring it on each other. They were having so much fun I had to get a few pictures. 



It wasn’t long before Bella was tired of the rain and was cold and not so happy anymore. 
They went in one by one and got in a warm bath – Bella was first and it took no time at all for her to warm up and smile again. She got her jammies on and rested on the sofa with Bethany’s doll blanket. 
I know I said I was going to post some recital pictures and have not. I think I’m not as anxious this year as I had a terrible seat – a man sat in front of me and his head was in the way of most of my pictures. I could only get pictures of one side of the stage and it was very frustrating so I took a lot fewer pictures than usual. I still may post a few, but today I just wanted to document the blast the kids had in the rain. 

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