Their Club House

The kids have been outside all day long for the past few days. They said they were working on a club house in the bushes. For some reason all my kids have loved playing in those bushes and this isn’t the first time some kid has made a fort or club there. Anyway, they ate dinner in it last night and called me out to see it when they were done eating and cleaning. This is how I think of summer – kids playing all day – not wanting to come inside to even eat. They have had a blast the past few days and I’m so glad they have finally found something they want to do most of the day – we have had some  days of kids sitting around with seemingly nothing to do lately. 
As soon as Tess got out of bed this morning she said she was going out to her club so I think this will be another day of summer fun for them — and its such a small, simple thing. It consists of dirt and bushes and a calendar on the fence. Oh, and they did put a small rocking chair in there. 







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