Fourth Try

We have been trying to get some dental work done for Sophia for over a year. It sounds unbelievable but every single time she is scheduled to go to the hospital she has a seizure and her neurologist and anesthesiologist have both agreed every single time that she could not be put to sleep and have the work done. Friday was the new scheduled day for the hospital. We went for the pre-op on Thursday and things were good. We got home and walked in the door from the pediatrician and she immediately had a seizure. I could not believe it. She had not had one in over two months. It was a small one so I called the neurologist and hoped he would say go ahead with the dental work. He actually left it up to the dentist and anesthesiologist this time. Our dentist said to go ahead and be at the hospital Friday morning. So, we go up at 4:30 am and went to the hospital to be sent home at 7:10. It was a no go – the fourth attempt! 
It seems like this dental work will not get done. She will go months with no issues, but as soon as we are scheduled for the hospital she has a seizure! The doctors said they just did not feel comfortable putting her to sleep. We came home and she did have another one that same day so maybe it was for the best. Now back to the neurologist. 

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