Depression Era Soup

We have been studying the Great Depression so yesterday we made Depression Era Soup. It was a  really simple recipe we found in one of our books on the depression and it was pretty quick and easy to make. I figured the kids would not care for it much as it seemed rather bland, but they loved it – or loved it because they made it. There were very few ingredients in it – carrots, celery, an onion, and a turnip with some beef broth and water and parsley. That was pretty much it. Oh, and we cooked the veggies in a skillet with a little butter before adding the broth. They ate every bit of it and wanted seconds. 

After we made soup and finished up our literature and history the kids spent the rest of the day outside as the weather was unbelievably beautiful. I sat out and watched them run and play while I took some pictures. It was so nice to be outside. It was a really good day. 

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