The Doll House

I just wanted to add a couple of pictures to the post I just did on apple pie, but my computer just would not let me add another picture or write anything else or basically do anything. I have no idea why and I also have no idea how to fix anything so I just decided to do a short separate post. I just was going to say I went up into the attic to try and clean a little and decided almost immediately it was a mistake. It is just so messy I think I will wait till spring and do a really good job – which will probably take me a couple of days. But, I did see an old dollhouse when I was up there and decided to go ahead and bring it down for the girls. It was a dirty mess and but Bethany and Tess immediately wanted to get it cleaned up and started talking about what they would do with it. 
It is a Madeline dollhouse and belonged to one of my older girls. I had forgotten it was up in the attic. I think all the girls will have a good time with this once we get it looking good again. Bethany realized the doorbell actually was supposed to ring, but the batteries were dead. She took them out and we will get some new ones for it. They had a fun Saturday afternoon cleaning it up and planning how they would decorate it. 

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