Time Together

Since we homeschool, we spend a lot of time together every single day. I really enjoy being with my kids a lot and teaching them and just having the extra time to be together. Now that we are supposed to be practicing social distancing it does seem a little harder – mainly because we are limiting our contact with not only other people, but also family because Bethany does have cystic fibrosis, asthma and diabetes. We feel we have to definitely be extra careful about who even comes to our home. That is hard for me as my family is always in and out of the house and I enjoy that. But, we are doing lots of things to keep busy and the kids are always thinking of new projects to do or things to bake. Eventually, family and friends will be running in and out again. 
Yesterday Tess wanted to make cookies so a few of the kids did that. It seems as if they are always making something. They made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and they really were good. 

Today I took a walk with four of the girls. The others were busy doing other things. Anyway, we took a walk around the neighborhood and just relaxed and talked and it was great. Even though I am home a lot I still usually run out to places and do things, and since I have basically not gone anywhere for days and days this was very relaxing and enjoyable. There were lots of trees blooming and flowers and it was just really nice. The girls kept saying how beautiful it was and that they can’t wait for summer when it will be warm all the time – probably way warmer than they want it to be. But, we walked for about an hour and then came home for dinner and the brownies they had made earlier. 

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