This Weekend

We had a really nice weekend after our first week of school. School went really well and we got more done than I had planned. So, that was good. Then Bethany decided she wanted to bake a pie or something. Baking is not something Bethany really does that much – it’s usually Tess that wants to bake all the time and then the others join in. Anyway, I decided since she was in the mood to do some baking I would run get everything she needed while she did her vest. I got ingredients for two different pies, magic cookie bars and brownies. So, Bethany made a peach pie and Tess the brownies. It was a pleasant afternoon in the kitchen.

While we baking, Joey called and asked if the kids wanted to go to his house and see the baby flying squirrel they had found. So, as soon as we finished and got the pie and brownies in the oven we left for Joey’s with instructions for Jordan to get the pie and brownies out of the oven when they were done. The baby squirrel was so cute and the kids loved it. Then they played for a little in the yard while I sat and talked to Joey and Shannon. It was a really nice evening and the weather was beautiful.

Today they found a very large black snake in the yard. I am not a fan of snakes at all and didn’t even go take a picture of it. They got out their cameras and got pictures and video. Snakes and baby squirrels add a little extra excitement for my girls as they love nature and almost any animal.

We will be back in school full force this week with lots of books to read about WWll and hopefully do some nature studies. Since the weather has been so nice the girls are asking for a nature walk and this year they have cameras to take their own pictures and put in their journals. Well, Bethany and Tess do as they both got cameras for their birthdays this year. I think having a camera to take pictures on our walks will make it all the more fun and if they are like me they will come to love taking pictures.


  1. That pie looks delicous! I love that your girls are learning to cook and sew. It seems to be a lost art, especially now that kids have so much social media.

    Is Joey doing okay?

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