Horseback Riding

Bethany has been talking about taking horseback riding lessons for a little while. We were a little uncertain because of the dust that flies up as you ride and her cystic fibrosis. I asked her doctor and he agreed she could try it if she was careful and wore a mask if there was a lot of dust. Then he later wrote me and asked if she would like to meet him and his wife at the farm and ride his wife’s horse. Of course, Bethany was thrilled at the idea and we accepted his kind offer. We met him and his wife yesterday morning and Bethany got to groom the horse and then ride. It was a very large horse and I actually found her kind of intimidating, but Bethany didn’t even seem to notice how large the horse was. She was just thrilled to ride. We were there a couple of hours and it was such a beautiful fall day – a perfect day to ride.

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