At one time I had so many kids in the house that played an instrument. Many of my kids took piano and 5 of my children took harp lessons and played in the American Youth Harp Ensemble. So, I heard music all day long as someone was always practicing or just playing for fun. Then it seemed I woke up one day and they were all gone except Zola. Zola played the harp and actually spent a lot of time practicing and just playing for her own enjoyment. I loved hearing her. Then her older sister came last year and took the harp as it was hers, and Zola no longer could play. We had a piano, but nobody knew how to play. Finally last fall Bethany decided she would like to play the piano and she started taking lessons. It is so nice to finally have someone learning and practicing again even though she is a beginner. She is working hard and actually does very well.

This weekend my son, Michael, came by and if there is a piano around he will usually sit and play. So, he sat and played and all of us enjoyed it so much. Almost all the kids came when they heard him and stood and listened and sang and danced. It was so nice to hear music for a short time in our home again. We enjoyed it so much we asked if he would come back again and he actually came the next day and brought his son, Luke. Again, the kids absolutely loved it – especially Bethany. She is longing for the day that she can play like him.

I recorded many clips those two days – very short ones. Thought I would post a few of them today and maybe a few more another day. They are all pretty short – mostly under a minute and some just a few seconds.

After playing for a little while Michael asked the girls to get him a shirt and they looked at him like he was crazy so he just took off his shirt and blindfolded himself and then played blindfolded. They thought that was hilarious and I’m sure they will be asking him to do that again. That’s why in this last video he has his shirt over his face.

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