Summer Ending

I feel like summer is almost over – even though it really isn’t. There were so many things I planned to do and have not done and probably won’t do. I had high hopes for this summer, but we have actually done very little. I usually leave most of the projects and special things we do up to the kids or just find the kids working on new projects by themselves over the summer. This has been easier for some of my kids than it is for others. I think the biggest problem now is that a couple of my kids that were always the leaders have moved on to things that are more personal to them that they like to work on alone. That makes it hard for some of the other kids to find something to do on their own as they have always depended on an imaginative sibling to help them. Some children from difficult circumstances have problems being able to use their imagination on their own. This is something I try to work on, but it is not always easy for a few of my kids. This summer seems to be one of those times they have needed more help and I have not really planned enough for them, I guess.

Several of the kids are taking ice skating lessons and they love that. They became interested in ice skating when one of our shopping parks had an outdoor rink at Christmas for the past few years. I let them try it out and they loved it. So, this summer seemed like a good time to actually learn how to do more than just shuffle around. They are loving it.

One thing they always do and I feel like is mostly what I post lately is making things in the kitchen. They have done a lot of baking lately. We actually pulled out my very old wheat grinder and ground wheat berries and then made some whole wheat bread. They loved doing that and the bread was actually pretty good for our first and second try. We plan on making a lot of bread this fall and winter. Working in the kitchen is probably Tess’s favorite thing to do right now and Bethany is also starting to enjoying baking and cooking more and more.

I am trying to get ready for school to start and maybe plan a few small things for the end of summer. I always enjoy looking ahead to fall as October – December is probably my most favorite time of the year.

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