Getting Ready For Christmas

Yesterday, Abigail and Shep came over and Abigail put the lights and beads on our Christmas tree. Shep watched and played. He loved the lights and the ladder and the beads – he really loved the beads. The rest of us enjoyed watching as Abigail put the lights on and we all listened to Christmas music. It was very enjoyable – I mean what could be more enjoyable than having someone else put 17 strings of lights on the tree. I do not enjoy putting on lights at all. I enjoy the ornaments and looking at all the old ones and putting those on the tree, but not the lights. Today Bethany actually put the lights on the small tree in our library. She said she enjoys doing it and I’m not sure how.

We are gearing up for our Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas that we do each year. We have done it so many years I thought the girls might be tired of it by now, but they all said they wanted to do it again this year, so we will. We always start it on December 1, and we usually start to read the book that day. In case anyone is new and wonders what I’m talking about it is just something we read about in the book The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas by Madeleine L’Engle. In the book the family does something special every single day leading up to Christmas. They were not really big things and sometimes were really small – like putting wreaths on the doors or drinking out of Christmas mugs. So, we decided to do something every single day leading up to Christmas – hense the name The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas. We start on December 1st which is Friday. Sometimes I struggle with something to do every day, but we have managed every year. We are looking forward to Friday.

We are finishing the book The Christmas Doll by Elvira Woodruff. We love this book and read it every year and everyone listens no matter how old. It is such a good book. We will finish this book in time to start our new one Friday. Oh, and the girls strung popcorn for our tree. We ran out of popcorn so they will finish later after the popcorn gets a little stale.

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