The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas Day – 17

Today our special thing was very small. I had some sick kids and so we were down several girls and we just decided for our special thing we would just spend some time talking about the holidays and what we enjoy the most. Several answers were – all the family coming over and spending time together, opening gifts with nieces and nephews, stockings, cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning and doing something for twenty-four days every year. It was nice just talking about our favorite things. What made me think to do this today was that two of my sons called me late last night to talk about Christmas memories and the things they remembered most – roaring fires, everyone waiting at the top of the stairs to run down together Christmas morning, our special Christmas DVD, getting firewood in the freezing cold and bubble lights on our hall tree that one of the kids chopped down each year. Even as adults we still have our favorite memories. I know we already did something like this earlier, but it was a little different.


  1. Claudia Y Allen says

    I can’t believe it’s already day 17. It goes so fast every year. I love hearing what the good Christmas memories are each year. The fact that they always mention the 24 day countdown is proof that these activities don’t have to be planned or grandoise. The simple joys of Christmas socks, book reading, donating candy to McDonald’s employees, new pajamas, etc. are what make the real memories that they remember. I hope everyone is feeling better soon and all are healthy for the extended family and holiday festivities next weekend!

    • We have slowed down and just spent more time talking about memories and listening to Christmas music the past few days. Having sick kids does that. It was heartwarming to me the other night when my sons called wanting to talk about all their Christmas memories. I hope all my kids have some very good ones.

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