The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas Day – 5

Today our special thing to do was watch a Christmas movie – The Grinch. I actually had planned some other stuff to do, but Bill’s computer died this morning and that is the computer I do my blog posts on and size my pictures. He tried to get it working, but we ended up taking it in to see what is wrong with it. So, all the things I planned for the kids to do did not get done. We then have spent probably two hours trying to get everything on my computer so I could post. So, with a lot of help from our son, Matthew, we finally got this far. Who knows if I will actually get a picture up. I really didn’t take any pictures today except two of Evelyn looking at ornaments and that is what I will use – if it works. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day, but the kids were happy with a movie and so I guess it was good for them.

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