CF Day

Friday was Bethany’s appointment with her pulmonologist. Her weight was good as she had gained the two pounds back that she had lost at her last appointment. Unfortunately, her PFT’s were not as good as they would have liked and she is growing some stuff in her lungs and had to have a new antibiotic that will hopefully take care of it. The bactrim she usually takes is no longer working. Though her visit wasn’t her best, and now she does have to go back again before Christmas to see if we can get her lung function up, she is feeling good and all this does not seem to be affecting her at all. 
Our power has been off since Thursday evening and I am so glad we have a whole house generator. We decided to get one mainly because of all of Bethany’s treatments – 6 nebulizer treatments daily and three hours on her vest. It was so much trouble to try to find a place to do treatments when our power would go out. I’m not sure when it will be back on, but the great thing is that Bethany has not had to miss one single treatment. 


  1. What a blessing to have a generator for her treatments when the power is out!

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