The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas – Day 18

Today, I thought we might not get to our special thing. I was pretty busy and I had to take Bethany to the doctor to get a liver panel done because of a medication she is taking. She wasn’t feeling her best and the appointment took us a while. When we got home I had an appointment I had to keep and then it was getting late and the kids asked what our special thing was going to be. I had no idea. I asked for a few ideas and Bethany suggested they do something that was somehow food related. So, I decided to give them the Christmas Special Edition ice cream I bought – peppermint with a peppermint stick on the side. That was a hit with everyone – so problem solved. It was definitely a small thing today, but I was actually thinking we might not get anything done so I was happy and the kids were happy, so it was good. 


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