Pizza And Trolls

This evening we got a delivery of pizza and breadsticks and brownies from my daughter, Megan. She is always sending dinner or snacks or something special to the kids and they love it – and when she sends something she goes all out. She sent so much pizza and three different kinds of breadsticks and then the brownies for dessert. It was great and the kids were thrilled. They ate dinner and then asked if we could read while they had their brownies and I, of course, said yes. It was a nice evening and the kids went to bed full of pizza and dreaming of summer at The Four Story Mistake – the book we are reading.  


This week Bethany started trying to knit clothes for all the troll dolls that the girls have – we have a bunch of trolls here the kids have gotten over the years. Bethany got this idea to start making some clothes for them when I told her that I used to make doll clothes when I was a kid – really simple and not very attractive clothes at that. It made her start wondering if she could knit some clothes so she has been trying to figure out what and how to make them. All the girls were excited and wanted to watch – though they soon realized that the clothes were not going to appear in a matter of a few minutes. We will see how this project will turn out. She will be working on them this weekend and she also asked if I could order some material so she could try sewing a few things so we have fabric arriving tomorrow. I think this weekend will be filled with making doll clothes and maybe we will finish our book. We are really enjoying it a lot and they ask me to read whenever we have any free time. I think it will be a very pleasant weekend – and they are calling for snow which has all the kids super excited.



  1. AnonymousFebruary 7, 2021 at 1:07 AM
    Well, this post is a blast from the past – my own past, that is!

    I loved and still love “The Four Story Mistake”, and always yearned for an old house with a wonderful attic as a result.

    And when trolls first became popular, back in the middle ’60s, I had two small ones and made felt clothing for them – from very easy to use patterns, can’t recall which pattern company produced them. But both Danuta (who was a dark-haired Danish boy troll) and Araminta (a platinum blonde girl troll), had ample wardrobes as a result. I still have the trolls but am unsure where their extra clothes are (though they’re somewhere in a little cardboard box, and haven’t been pitched). One more little task for me: locate the trolls’ clothes! I remember the clothes were very easy and fast to make, as felt didn’t require hemming. Their little wrap-around garments were cut out in one piece, then trimmed in different ways with contrasting colors(also felt). Danuta had a dark green royal robe trimmed with white felt “ermine” along the bottom, plus a gold-colored felt crown trimmed with colorful diamond shaped felt “jewels”, and Araminta had a bright pink “dress” trimmed with criss-crossed strips of lime-green felt on the front – very much influenced by the British Invasion look of trendy teenage clothing of the time. Her long blonde “hair” (mohair, I think) stood straight up but was gathered into a sticking-up pony tail with a matching green felt tie. Danuta’s dark hair just stuck up through his crown! He was my good luck charm when I was in high school, and always traveled with me in my purse on exam days.

    Good memories – thanks for triggering them!

    Susan in Kentucky
    Still playing dolls…

  2. Sharon Edwards February 7, 2021 at 8:22 AM
    I also ordered felt for Bethany to make clothes with! I told her that felt would be easy to work with and I had used it as a kid. Strange thing is that when we got it yesterday the felt was rather stiff and very thin and definitely not like any felt I have bought before. It isn’t very flexible and does not look like it would work well for clothes. I was very disappointed as we got a large stack of it and probably won’t use much of it. But, we also got some fabric she has started using. I may order some different felt today as she did want to try some. Oh, funny thing – I kept my trolls in a cardboard box, too.

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