The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas Day – 16

Today our special thing was to take the canvas bags the kids painted a couple of years ago and put a book in each bag to read. So, since there are 8 days till Christmas Eve we took 8 bags and 8 kids each secretly put one of their favorite books into a bag and closed it. Nobody knows what is in the bags other than the one they chose for. We will now choose a bag every day till Christmas Eve and read whatever book is in it. They all thought this would be fun and we will read the book from the bag each morning. I had actually been at a loss as to what to do today and didn’t think of this till it was almost time to go to church to practice for the Christmas Eve service. Some days I just don’t seem to have many ideas and today was one of those days.

I got 5 gifts in the mail today and I have started wrapping them as soon as they get here. Makes things easier. Tomorrow I think I have about 8 that are supposed to arrive, but they change it on me all the time. Just hoping all my gifts will arrive before Christmas.

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