A Few Pictures From Today

A few of my grandkids were here today and I think all the kids had fun playing together. Joey had shoulder surgery so I had his kids and he did well and is home now. Meredith’s kids were here also and when she came to get hers she actually planted two rose bushes for me – she’s really good at getting things done quickly in the yard. She also mulched around one of my trees and pulled some dead branches out. Now I feel motivated to get out and do a little more in the yard. I have two more roses and I have to figure out where to plant them. Of course, the blackberries we so carefully planted and were very excited to see blooms on are now just sticks. The deer found them and ate every leaf and bloom. They do this to almost everything I plant. Does not make me happy and I’m not sure how to stop it.

The pictures below – I guess this is how you feel when you want to play with water guns and squirt people, but you do NOT want them to squirt you back!

My first hydrangea – there are just a few on each bush. They are always so pretty for a few weeks and then they get black spot. I see it already on one of the bushes and I know within a month all of them will have it no matter how many times I spray. Hoping everyone has a nice weekend.

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