Big Sisters

It’s been a long time since I have written here and it has actually been kind of hard to get back on here and write again. When so much time goes by I have a hard time picking back up and writing. 

We have been staying home most of the time and getting ready for our new school year. We have our new books and all our supplies and the kids can’t stay out of our new boxes of books. I am ready and they are ready. I think we will have a good year and we have tons of new books to read together. 

 This post was supposed to be about sisters – big sisters to be exact. Big sisters are especially wonderful. This morning, Megan, sent us breakfast from Panera and it was so good. We had muffins, muffin tops and all kinds of bagels with cream cheese. There was so much stuff and the kids were so excited. I went upstairs to tell Sarah that Megan had sent breakfast and she was out of the bed in like 30 seconds. So excited. It was a beautiful morning and felt a little like fall and some of us ate our breakfast on the front porch and it was so nice. Big sisters are great and all my kids will agree with that. Thanks Megan!


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