What We Are Reading

We have read several really good books lately. We finished The Four Story Mistake by Elizabeth Enright and we all loved it. It was the second book about the Melendy family. They moved from the city to a big old house in the country and love their new and unusual home. They very soon become involved in country life and learn a secret about the old house they are living in. It is a heartwarming story and we all liked it better than the first book of the series. 

We are now finishing the next book about the Melendy family – Then There Were Five by Elizabeth Enright. This book is wonderful. It takes place in the summer and the kids have many adventures and try new things like canning and making jelly. My girls really enjoyed reading about the canning and jelly making and decided they want to make jelly this summer and maybe even try to can. We absolutely loved this book. I think it is the best so far in this series. The Melendy kids spend a beautiful summer just being kids and having fun, but also discovering that not everyone has as happy a life as they do. Everyone voted this book as wonderful. We only have one chapter left which we will  finish tomorrow and we all hate for this book to end.  This would make a wonderful book to read this summer. 

We are also reading The Great Wheel by Robert Lawson. It is a fairly interesting book and we like it, but it is not one of those books we love. We are mainly reading this as it goes along with the time period we are studying in history. 

The girls continue to make troll clothes. Since our new felt arrived they have made all kinds of stuff. Tess was working on pants and a shirt for one of the trolls today. She said she was thinking of making an entire box of clothes for them. They are having a lot of fun doing this. Bethany also made a dress for Piper’s doll that she got for Christmas. It turned out very nice. This is a great winter project. 

So, today after school they made troll clothes and baked cookies. They were going to make a cherry pie, but realized they did not have time as it was getting late and it takes them quite awhile to make a pie. So, that is what they plan to do tomorrow. 


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