Strawberry/Banana Popsicles

We started our new book a couple of days ago – Alice’s Farm by Maryrose Wood. We all like it a lot so far. Since we have only read about 5 chapters I can’t really say much about it yet, but so far it’s great. It is about rabbits and a family that has moved from the city to the country to farm – and that’s about all we know at this point. 

We made strawberry/banana popsicles yesterday and they turned out pretty good. Most of the kids liked them a lot – Bethany didn’t think they were as good as the rest did, but she said they were still pretty good. I think she likes hers really sweet and we only added a teaspoon of honey. It was easy to mix up everything in the blender and freeze. I think we are going to make some different ones tomorrow. Bethany was thinking blackberries sounded good, but not sure what other fruit would be good with them. Tess is thinking peach with another fruit.

They days go by as we do so little – though I had so much planned. We are still enjoying the summer weather and the kids are playing outside a lot and we have been reading each day. Tess is always looking for something to cook and Bethany spends hours and hours sitting in the bushes watching the birds at the bird feeder and the squirrels. She even has a little chipmunk that will come right up to her now and eat out of a spoon she holds. She spent days and days just sitting and waiting for him to do this. It definitely took a lot of patience for this to happen. She is really loving the birds and small animals in our yard this summer and also starting to take some pictures of them. I sometimes sit on the porch and just watch her waiting and waiting to get a picture of some bird.


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