Irish Soda Bread

We have been studying Ireland and St. Patrick in history and it included a recipe for Irish Soda Bread. Today Tess wanted to make it so as soon as we finished history and literature she got started. Of course, so many wanted to help. I think she really wanted to do it on her own, but she was a good sport and let everyone help a little. Tess did the kneading and brushed the top with buttermilk and butter. Then it took about 40 minutes to bake. The kids all liked it and ate all of it at dinner so I guess it was good. It is kind of nice to include some baking in our history.

Then the kids went out to the street to fly kites. It wasn’t that windy, but they flew pretty high. They had a blast running up and down the street seeing how high they could get them to go. I think we need a few more kites so everyone can fly at once though they all managed to have fun and shared the ones we have.

The last picture is where all the kites got tangled together. They did manage to get them undone.

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