The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas – Day 11

Today our special thing was an easy one. We took our jars of candy to the McDonald’s up the street. We always take candy to them at Christmas. We will also have to go back tomorrow morning as we like to take the candy to both shifts. We mainly order there in the morning as Sarah loves a biscuit in the morning, but occasionally the afternoon or evening. So, we went to to give the candy to the workers and while we were there we bought ice cream sundaes for everyone. We brought the ice cream home so the kids could eat it while I read to them – still reading The Christmas Doll. We will finish the book in the morning.

It was a nice Sunday. The kids had a birthday party for Jesus at church with lots of stuff to eat so, of course, they had a great time. We ran a few errands and I took Bethany Christmas shopping. She has almost finished her shopping, but so many have not. They will finish this week, hopefully. It was a good day.

Oh, I almost forgot. When we took the candy to McDonald’s we saw a trolly car that gave tacky light tours. They always look like they would be so much fun to ride on.

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